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Eye training is the art of giving an individual what they have never seen before. This training usually occurs in the form of a guided meditation. Usually it is done by doing deep eye exercises.

Eye training can be as simple as a short meditation, or as intricate as a combination of guided meditations and eye exercises. This type of training is an important aspect of the body awareness.

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This is a video tutorial on body awareness that can get very complex very quickly.

How do I maintain eye movement? Do I need corrective eyeglasses while doing eye exercises?

There is no need for corrective eyeglasses to keep your eyes moving while you are doing eye exercises. You do not need glasses during any of these exercise sessions because they are very simple to do and will not slow your eye movement or cause any permanent damage.

However you should still discuss this with your eye care professional before attempting any of these exercises. Always check that your eyeglasses will not interfere with your eye movements by holding them in place with your hands and looking out the window.

How do you get yourself to relax by being quiet and focusing on something?

This is a highly technical question. If you need an easy solution please see our answer to this question

The truth is most of us get in our bodies every day to do the things we need to do to survive. If an individual takes too much time, attention, motivation and focus away from the actual task at hand, then that person loses the will and ability to do it at all. It is important to be in the body at all times and this training in visual eye exercises will help ensure that this can be the case.

How long does it take before you get a good response from this training?

You should never try to focus on anything that is not directly associated with your exercise or exercise session. Do not try to focus on your eyes. Do not focus on a particular stimulus or a particular sight.

Rather, try to focus on the actual training you are doing, and try to stay at that point all along. Do not try to move and look, which will only hurt and inhibit.

How does eye exercise compare with other training strategies and how is it used?

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