How do I start a workout routine? – Free Weight Loss Meal Plans Pdf

1. Choose your exercise options carefully!

If your goal is to lose weight, your options include cardio, interval training, strength training at a distance, strength training at a high intensity or strength training at a low intensity!

If you want to build strength, strength training at a high intensity or resistance training at a low intensity is the best choice.

Your workout must be designed and programmed to be effective for you; you can either do 1-3 minutes of cardio, strength training at a distance and strength training at a high intensity, or you can use the strength training routines to build strength.

For more information about exercise and nutrition, refer to your physical activity plan!

2. Look at the best of the best!

To find the best workout program for you, I recommend checking out the following recommendations from Dr. Michael Oliver, an exercise physiologist and author of “The Big 10: A Guide to the Ultimate Bodyweight Training Guide”.

Here is an example of a workout plan for men (3 sets of 10 reps at each lift):

1. Bench Press

2. Incline Press

3. Dumbbell Press

4. Push Press

5. Pull-Up

6. Chin-Up

7. Overhead Press

8. Incline Sit-Ups

9. Incline Dips

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10. Dips

In this program, you will not only perform the same exercises in a similar order, but you will also practice a range of exercise in which you can do the highest quality of work.

3. Learn how to set up your device!

In the next section, I want you to choose the most important information.

4. Understand your body’s structure!

Before doing the first workout of your workout plan, you need to know what you are doing. Your body should look like this in all three pictures of the chart below—the first is from my own body, the second is my body in comparison to other people who exercise at the same level, and the third is from a photo of a professional football player:

In general, your body should look like these pictures at the beginning of your workout on a given day.

Your Body’s Shape: The Beginning

5. Do your workouts!

For your first three days of a workout plan, you will complete one set of exercises and one rep range

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