How can I lose weight in 7 days at home? – How To Lose Weight Appropriately

Here’s the short version: You just need to start eating right and exercise regularly. When I write about diet, I think of it as a process of trial and error for getting you the “magic number” of calories you need without fattening you up too much.

So, the way diet books recommend dieting is that, first, you keep a record of what you eat—a daily record or a log—for a few days. Then you stop eating any food.

For example, you don’t eat the standard turkey breast every day. But after about 7 days, you’ll notice that you’re not overeating—that your stomach doesn’t feel empty. In 7 days it’ll grow a little more, and at about 14 days, your weight will be in the 5–1/2 pound range.

Or, you might start by going to a restaurant, and eat the same food a couple days in a row. Then again, eat the same thing on another day.

Then you might go to the gym, and work out a few hours every day. You start by taking some weight-training exercises, like squats, overhead, and dips, then switch to weights for the next day.

Then you start eating again.

In 7 days, even if you didn’t get all the way there, you’ll have changed the way you look, feel, and perform.

But how do you do it? And more importantly, why? It’s not rocket science!

Why Is Taking Weight-Training Exercises So Important?

To explain: There’s something called the insulin secretagogue receptor hypothesis.

To understand what insulin does to your body, we’ve got to travel back to the early 1970s, at the time when the hormone was first discovered. In other words, this is when studies of insulin first started popping up, and the idea that insulin could be a “preying” hormone on your body was born.

In 1972, researchers at the Rockefeller Institute began studying what it would mean for your body to have insulin inside it—if one was in your blood stream. And here’s the key bit:

At that point, they discovered that there was a chemical in your body, called insulin, produced when you eat. And what that meant was that it was produced in your liver, in the gut, in your spleen. And as you consume food the liver, and in turn the spleen and

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