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I want to lose as much as I can without making a fat person fat. I need to get rid of my belly button. I want to lose as much as possible without the bellybutton. I just heard of this study from the New York Times… The researchers… they found that they could induce an appetite in obese mice. We have to do it the same way. And for those of you who are following my diet plan for fat loss, now, after all of the stuff they’ve done, now they’ve just found a way to induce an appetite, which is crazy. I don’t do stupid. This is stupid. This is madness! I don’t need to lose any more, I just need one pound a day. When they told me, “You need to eat as many calories as possible from junk food,” and we all know that junk food sucks, I was going, “Oh my goodness, thank god! Thank God! It’s only junk food, it’s not junk food. But then I thought, “Well, there is no reason to get fat.” So I was saying, “You’re right. I just need to get rid of the bellybutton.” And I said, “I’m not going to lose a pound a day. I’m going to lose as much weight as I can.”

So how is it possible that he kept losing and kept eating like this? “It’s a really good example of what happens when researchers do an experiment too seriously and too long.”

Why does that research exist, though? What’s there to look at? And why do you think that it’s so prevalent?

MORGAN: Because junk food is more addictive than any other, but the reason why is that it just gets under your skin so much more than other food, that you have to just put your finger up to it and not be able to get away, which, to me, is the most beautiful thing about it, the way that it gets under our skin. It’s like going to work and having to be with people, you know? I mean, there’s nothing better in the world, I would say, than sitting down with somebody and having them just… They say, “Why are you in there? You just want to get away!” Now, what they don’t realize is that that just reinforces the habit and makes you more aware of yourself, and that’s why they go into so much food to begin with. We get very addicted to eating, not

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