How can I lose my arm fat? – Weight Loss Pills Men

Why don’t I lose a lot of muscle?

This question was my primary motivation for taking the first steps towards a natural bodyweight routine (for me). For a long time I had a very good idea of what it would take to get to the point where I could be successful at naturally losing my weight through weight-loss.

When I began writing down my plans, I learned that I would have to work extra hard to develop the skills of proper calorie expenditure, muscle building, fitness training, and strength maintenance.

And since I needed extra motivation, I put a lot of thinking into it and did a lot of research. Here’s a summary of some of the topics I had to explore:

Calorie Intake – Who should I be eating to keep fat off?

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The Carbohydrate and Protein Equivalents: How much does it make sense to eat a medium/heavy grain?

The Fat: Fat is bad, it causes insulin resistance, it kills muscle mass…what about the good fats?

The Glucose: Does it really make sense to stop eating carbs when your body doesn’t use it as food?

There were more things being thrown out. As with anything the more I learned the more things that seemed obvious that I was simply not aware of existed. And now I was doing a lot of research to figure out WHY things worked and WHY they didn’t.

I knew I could lose weight if I used the right approach but I was still struggling to figure out why. It was as much a matter of research as it was about diet or exercise.

For much of 2008 and 2009 I did a ton of cardio. That was part of my overall health regimen as well as my overall weight-lifting plan.

But as the years progressed I started looking more at the other side of the equation.

How much should I eat? I tried to eat less than I’d been eating since my workouts.

I tried to eat too much – I had a large dinner on my 20th birthday – but it was also important to not put myself at a disadvantage. It was important for me to not put myself at a disadvantage at the gym.

I did some research. I learned that fat is a problem in itself.

I learned that it was okay to eat something that I was having trouble digesting, but I had to choose what I ate, not what I ate and not how much I ate.


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