How can I have a flat tummy? – Weight Loss Clinics Near Me Brandon Fl

You might have noticed your tummy getting more and more narrow. This is because you are having a bowel movement.

Bodies are made up of lots of different tissues and this includes the walls surrounding the intestine. This means you need to have good air circulation to help your stomach and bowel function.

What causes a flat tummy?

You can’t have a flat tummy if:

your doctor tells you to have a baby

you have gastritis (inflammation of the gums)

you have Crohn’s disease

you have diabetes

you have liver disease

you have kidney or urinary tract disease

you’ve had another surgery such as a colonoscopy or appendectomy

you’ve had medication to treat certain conditions

you can’t stop taking your medicine.

What can I do to correct a blooming tummy?

The easiest thing to do is have a bowel movement, and it isn’t as painful (as a tummy tuck) unless the tummy tucks are quite deep. See your GP if:

you have more than 3 flat tummys a week

your tummy tucks get very painful

your bowel movement doesn’t occur between meals

your tummy hurts when you eat. This is normal, especially if you eat many small meals, and you are also vomiting often.

Talk to your GP about your symptoms and your diet, and about any new food or drinks that you eat.

You may also be able to avoid having a double bowel operation by having some sort of bowel movement every day, or every evening. Talk to your GP about this, and what the risks or benefits of this are.

If you’ve had any previous procedures to improve your GI health, you should know that these could also affect the size of your belly. It may not matter if you have a flat tummy, but the way the operation was carried out might affect the size of your belly

What do I do if it bothers me when my tummy tucks?

You may develop these:

gastroesophageal reflux disease. This is due to the way you have been eating, and your tummy makes it much harder for your stomach gases to get through.

You may feel:

pain when you take a leaky breath


a sense of incompleteness in your stomach or bowel movement

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