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The easiest and fastest way to keep your waist at your ideal size is by taking part in the Slimming World (SW). The following exercises will reduce your waist size up to 3 sizes!


Holding a weight bench press up to your stomach with your feet flat on the ground. Your knees should all be close together and slightly bent. Your hips should be slightly higher than your waist. This position is extremely easy to perform, and the exercise is very effective in increasing your size.


Holding a weight bench press with your feet flat on the ground as close to the ground as possible. Keep your center of gravity on your heel (your heel is the strongest muscle in your body) and your shoulder blades together. This is easier to perform than the first part, and your body will be forced to work harder to maintain a position that is more ergonomically correct.


Holding a weight bench press with your feet flat on the ground with your elbows against your body. Keeping your core tight, roll your legs up in a small circle with your feet.


Holding a weighted bench press. In this position, your chest should be just barely touching your shoulders. Keeping your core tight, bring your hips toward your shoulder blades, and extend both legs to your waist.


Holding a weighted bench press, while keeping your core tight. The goal is to keep your chest and shoulders in close contact as you hold this position.


Holding a weighted bench press. This position is similar to 7, but with your thighs pointing straight up rather than down. Your torso remains in an open position and your core tightens even more. This is probably the easiest exercise to do for your waist size. Remember, to keep your body from falling forward while you exercise, keep your legs together, and keep your core tight.

Slimming World Method for Decreasing Waist Size

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One easy way to increase your waist size is by getting rid of all of the fat on your body. The ideal size is somewhere between 10 and 30 percent of your body weight. This isn’t an exact number because your body and other variables may be different. This is a general guideline for your body type. The following methods can help you do this.


Holding up to the waist or under your clothes in an effort to reduce body fat.


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