How can I boost up my metabolism? – Weight Loss Calculator

If you are at a caloric deficit there is a lot more work to be done but if you can get your overall nutrition in line of a lower calorie intake then you will do fine…especially if you have a calorie deficit or low basal metabolic rate. It will help a lot more if you have to eat a lot in order to maintain your intake because you will eat fewer calories overall.

The best way to find out how little you need to eat in order to maintain your caloric intake is to do a weight cycling experiment.

Take a meal at a time and eat more calories during that meal or the following day. If you do this, your calorie intake will come back up quickly.
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If you just stick to eating 1 calorie more a day then your fat will drop, because it will be absorbed so quickly through your small intestine. It will be very low in calories since you will have to take in more calories per gram. When your weight starts to fall back you will start to see the effects, which will lead to your weight actually being recovered better since you didn’t over eat.

When should I use my calorie counting app?

Calorie counting apps are not only useful for gaining weight but also to check if you are burning calories. It’s great for getting better feedback, in addition to providing the data that you need to increase your calorie intake by 100 – 300 calories or more per day depending on your goals.

The calorie count app for Android is available on Google Play or also available on iTunes. There are many different versions and apps available for Android and iPhone. Use the calculator on the Google Play store to find the app that will work best for you.

There are also many calorie counting apps available on web platforms such as the Yahoo Health and Wunderlist.

How do I track my weight?

With smartphone apps such as the FitBit and Body Tracker, you can easily track your weight. These do not track your actual size, just how many calories you burn throughout the day for your body weight.

Use them with both the scale and your smartphone. If you are using the scale, this is the only option for keeping track of your weight since in most places their weight can vary widely if it is fluctuating on an hourly basis.

A good place to start for tracking your weight is at

I need a special diet for my weight loss or to maintain my weight.

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