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Stick to very high calorie diets and you’ll find that you can maintain your weight loss. If that’s too much to think about, talk to your doctor first. You may be at increased risk of weight regain if you’re trying to lose weight alone.

This week I read a great article about the history of the Japanese Imperial Guard. It has been written by a guy who also happens to be a great researcher. It’s not just a collection of quotes. It’s a detailed retelling of the history of all things Japanese (including imperial troops). He’s even written a book that covers the actual history of military science, which includes the development of the submarine and other underwater vessels, which is also fascinating.
He mentions the fact that the Japanese Army didn’t bother much with the art of battlefield intelligence and that it was rather focused on logistics. In the end military strategists made their own decisions regarding tactics through observation of the enemy’s activities, but I like to think the real battle was in the strategic sense as well.
This is very different from the way we think about the Japanese military today, which focuses primarily on the infantry. So I really appreciate that he’s writing about it with a focus on modern military practice and the actual history of the soldiers who fought. I think this is an important distinction.
I really enjoyed it, even though I have mixed feelings about the military. On the one hand the army is great. It did great combat in Burma and Korea. But there’s something about the idea, “Well what were the Japanese troops like? How did they respond to each situation?” That’s interesting, but I don’t get a good sense of why the Japanese kept fighting the way they did.
He also mentions the Japanese military being in the midst of a modernization process and that the general thinking was that the Japanese were simply running out of things to do and not taking much care of their troops. The end result was that some of the generals began to think about “how best to maximize the effectiveness of our soldiers and the efficiency of our forces”. This sounds like a good way to think about modern-day tactical strategy, but I have my doubts about that idea. 
It’s also interesting that the main reason the Japanese Army didn’t focus much on the infantry was it wasn’t really important. I mean, in the modern armies there are many positions you could occupy that would significantly improve the mobility of your troops, so I’m not entirely convinced that most of the soldiers would have been able to

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