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Dr. Eric Westman, the founder of the Dr. Mercola program, has been using water fasting consistently since 2007; while he and his wife started out with water only, they eventually switched to a diet with more fruit and veggie options and have been continuing the diet ever since.

Water fasting has been proven to work. Water fasting has long been recommended for people with Type 2 Diabetes, and it has helped to lower blood sugar and may increase immune function. People with Type 2 Diabetes tend to take in less insulin than those without diabetes, which can lead to the release of insulin faster, leading to a low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). On top of that, water fasting can help decrease triglycerides, another insulin-like food chemical. If your glucose is high, having fewer calories will bring your blood sugar down to a normal level. The combination of these results makes water fasting a popular diet for people with Type 2 Diabetes.

Why should I choose water fasting instead of simply eating less?

Water fasting is all about decreasing your intake of food calories. This also includes the amount of water. This will help you lose weight and improve your health. You will naturally lose water over time as you eat fewer calories, but this will also help your body naturally flush out this extra water. A study done on mice found that drinking water every two hours reduced weight gain and increased body fat in a similar way as that observed with fasting. You will also find that when you change the amount of water you drink, other things will begin to change, like the food you eat. That may mean you begin taking in fewer calories from the same type of food you had before.

Does blood sugar control take place if I eat more than 24oz (500ml) of water per day?

You can certainly eat more water while eating less, but there is no reason to increase the percentage of water you consume unless you are experiencing a nutritional or medical emergency.

Does it matter when I should do a water fast?

Generally speaking, a one week water fast is recommended for people with Type 2 Diabetes because it allows the body enough time to heal itself when it eats less. If you are dealing with other medical conditions, or are trying to lose weight it may be better to not wait a full week to implement these changes.

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