Can iron pills make you lose weight? – Dieting Exercise

If you read more and use your brain it becomes clear that they don’t. A large body of scientific literature provides strong evidence that an iron-rich diet does not translate into weight loss. This lack of weight loss has led some to believe that iron pills are a way to lose weight. What has been uncovered is that iron pills don’t do anything more than temporarily suppress hunger, and they don’t make you lose weight in any way. A comprehensive review of existing scientific evidence has found that iron-only pills in any way interfere with weight loss and may even be responsible for weight gain and increase in fat storage. This doesn’t mean that iron can’t work for some people, but it says that it’s not one magic bullet.

When you take an iron pill, it may temporarily suppress hunger and make you temporarily hungry, but the same cannot be said for dietary intake. When you eat, you’ll need to eat large amounts of energy (calories) to get yourself going. This will lead to energy intake exceeding hunger and satiety. There are many ways to compensate for this, not the least of which is by increasing exercise. In fact, a study in the Archives of General Psychiatry found that people who took an iron pill in an attempt to lose weight actually took more calories and worked out less than their counterparts on a low-calorie diet. So, taking an iron pill doesn’t get at the cause of why you’re putting on weight – it just hides that cause.

How Does Iron Work In Your Body?

Iron is an essential ingredient of proteins found in milk and meat. It plays a very important role in maintaining good digestion and preventing food from becoming stuck in your stomach and intestines, which can lead to constipation. When iron stores become low, iron from foods becomes broken down and becomes available for your body to use for energy. In most cases, the breakdown of iron is accomplished by enzymes in your gut that break down the minerals into their smaller individual elements. Without this process for removing iron from animal foods, people will go on a high-calorie or low-calorie diet, as is often found in an iron-rich diet. Although you may feel like you are losing weight, this isn’t due to your diet. Instead, it’s due to the disruption of what your body is using iron for, the cause being a lack of intake of vitamin B-6. This vital element is not made by your body to meet it’s needs, and is found in animal foods.

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