Can I lose weight by eating eggs only? – Diy Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

Yes. Eat more eggs in less time. Eat more eggs in less time by eating fewer other foods or by eating a higher proportion of eggs to foods other than eggs.

Is it OK to take an overdose of an anti-diarrhoeal drug?

This is a very uncommon and serious situation that can lead to severe harm and death by overdose. You should seek medical care immediately if you are concerned, and try to give your medical care team the information they need before they decide what is causing the problem.

What’s the risk?

There is a risk of developing a kidney failure.

It is most important to consult your doctors before taking any other anti-diarrhoeal medicines.

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A little-reported tidbit from the Senate health committee hearing yesterday on Republican attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare was an apparent reference to the fact the Republican tax plan would reduce federal revenues.

I was unable to reach committee Chair Lamar Alexander to clarify the question, as the full panel only had a minute each, but he was clearly asking how much revenue would be lost.

Alexander responded: “Probably less than half a trillion dollars.”

As most readers have probably guessed, we have a few things to point out:

The most obvious is that Alexander didn’t mention any specific estimates at all. His phrasing was more a clarification of that that the GOP tax plan is only intended to reduce revenues relative to what it would have been without the tax cuts. Alexander noted that as part of the framework the House would likely pass — which is a lot different from saying the tax cuts are “only” to reduce revenues — but it is not an attempt to actually find any actual revenue loss as part of the proposal. Instead, when it comes to the tax cuts the House would pass, the bill itself will simply say the benefits of the tax cuts offset future revenue losses.

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But in the broader discussion on how the GOP plan would work, it is pretty clear that the “loss” of $1 trillion or $2 trillion is not on the table. What it is doing is trying to balance out the “tax reductions” it would be able to achieve with “the elimination of tax penalties.”

The problem with “tax penalties” in this context is that while tax cuts will have a negative economic impact in their short term, the longer term benefits of the tax cuts outweigh any “penalty” they carry relative to longer term growth.

So it

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