Can anxiety make you lose weight? – Weight Loss Journey Chart

Most people who are anxious can lose weight through strategies. One option is exercise. We have a video to help you get started. To learn a little bit more, click here.

Many people are able to manage their anxiety better by focusing on healthy eating and exercising during times of stress. However, for a lot of people with anxiety they do not have the time or resources to make progress, and often are stuck.

If you have anxiety and you are struggling to make any significant changes to your life, you could be in good health already… but you could do so much less well if you don’t give yourself some extra support.

How can people with anxiety help themselves recover from anxiety?

There are many things that can help people with anxiety and stress get better. Here are just a few:

Medication. A number of medications are effective and often safe.

Behavioural therapy. This is a type of therapy that helps reduce your anxiety and helps you understand what anxiety is and how it’s affecting your life. If your anxiety is so bad you can’t manage it on your own, seek help! We have links to many of the most effective CBT therapists here.

Counseling. Even if you’re feeling great, there are things you can do to make improving your anxiety a bit easier, such as talking to a counsellor or a friend or family member who can tell if you’re doing enough to make changes.

Medications for anxiety. There are various types, and many help a lot. Medications for panic or anxiety disorders include those for anxiety or panic disorder, for OCD, panic attacks and phobias, for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and for obsessive compulsive disorder. There are also medications to treat depression, bipolar disorder and fibromyalgia. These are also available through your local pharmacy (you might even be able to find cheaper generic options)

Alcohol. This doesn’t come with any specific diagnosis, and alcohol isn’t always the culprit in all the stress and anxiety you’re experiencing. If anxiety makes you avoid alcohol or you just can’t do the math if it can have an effect on your weight (if it’s too low, or too high, or not even there in the first place), then you may need help. In our Alcoholics Anonymous chapter, our founder Albert Einstein wrote a whole book about it…

There are other drugs and therapies too, like acupuncture, massage, yoga and even acupuncture

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