Can anemia cause weight loss? – Best Weight Loss Plan For Dogs

Some individuals, such as those who are at higher risk for anemia, may experience a decrease in weight and may experience an increase in their weight, depending on if their anemia is caused by anemia type A or type B. If anemia type A is present, anemia may be one of the causes of weight loss. If anemia type B is present, weight loss may be one of the causes of weight loss.

Do red blood cell (RBC) counts vary with age?

A red blood cell (RBC) count changes with age. However, a person’s age appears to have little influence on a person’s risk for anemia. For example, most people do not get anemia from a low RBC count. The age that causes the highest risk is the elderly.

What if I have health problems that increase my risk of RBC problems?

Any health problems that increase your risk of anemia include chronic infections such as viral and bacterial infections, autoimmune diseases and diseases that affect the kidneys, such as cancer.

What if I have a health problem that doesn’t increase my risk of RBC problems?

If you are not a type A or type B anemic, you might not be affected by anemia. However, if a health problem, such as diabetes or chronic high blood pressure increases your risk of anemia, you might want to see your doctor to find out why.

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