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Well, because it’s a popular song in both Canada and America – it’s on Canadian Top 40 and Top 40 in America, and every year they release a different version on the Billboard charts. And that’s the reason why most people know about it – it’s also the main reason why it’s famous. And to be able to put that music into a popular film is a special honor because you will be part of the biggest film of the year, not just a movie with people talking and talking and talking.

If I was a real musician, I would have to put my work into this film. It would be very difficult for me to put my works into a film that will be seen by millions of people – not just a film that will be seen by one or twenty people. So I want to give you an idea of the story that we’re telling in A Journey With A Story: we’re just telling the story of the waltz. That’s why people have been interested in the waltz. Because it is such an old song, but that song has also undergone many transformations. You know, it gets longer in length than a regular song. Also, it’s not a song with many songs.

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People always ask a lot of questions about this song, so here are my questions for you, guys:

Why the song name (The Waltz), and what happens in it? It sounds very romantic, but there is nothing in it for romance – in this song I just wanted to give a nice feeling. The lyrics are quite simple: “I’ll get the first one.” I thought about the song from its history, and then came up with a name for it: “The Waltz”.

After you sang the song, did you ask anybody to sing it with you? I did not. But you know, at the beginning, everybody was singing the same song. They were just getting the first notes on their guitar. But at some point they didn’t want to sit there and sing, they wanted to dance to it… But then they became very tired. You know, they stopped dancing, they stopped singing… And then the guys who sang with me started talking about the waltz – it sounded very romantic. But they didn’t want to sing it with me. But the song was already written, the lyrics were written, we had the feeling that we wanted to play it together. For a long time people just didn’t want to dance with me: you

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