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What’s the meaning of “social dancing” as an expression of love and affection? This is a discussion for another day, but we can begin at the beginning, because this discussion has been ongoing for millions of years. We have heard tales of dancing in caves and forests, stories about the dancing of horses in wild spaces, stories about people dancing with each other in the night, and stories about the dancers that can be found amongst us today.

In the ancient East, dancing came from the West and the East came from the West. The people of the East learned the dance from the people of the West. In a short time, there would be a dance called the East-West dance. In most of Asia, there would be dances called the Middle East dance. In North America, dances in the South would be called the Negro dance.

One day, however, the dance became the West-East dance. The dances became the East-West dance because this is how they danced today, and it was the most beautiful and pleasing dance. In the early days of dance, men did it with men. Today in the West, women do the dance with women. In the East, and particularly in the East, dancing has come to be dominated by women.

Today is the time when dancing is being revived and the dances and forms have all changed tremendously in the West. When people in this country began to dance, they did not use the traditional Western forms, though these forms were still being used for ages. Even the West used dances of the East for dances. But as dances became dominant, so did the forms. Thus, even before the modern dance was developed, the dances were being replaced. Today, dance has not been taught in the West for a very long time. Today, dancing is not studied or practiced in school or in our nation’s colleges, and the dance is not practiced either in the United States or in other countries.
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If the Dance of East and West does not have the same meaning as “dancing” today, it must have different meanings for a long time. But the dance has lost the meaning which gave it the popularity which has been replaced in the West. What was the meaning of dancing? It is that man, woman, or child has the right of choosing and is free to choose his manner of dancing.

In the East, the person is free to dance whatever he or she wishes. In the West, the person who chooses dances must do so because he or

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