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What are the challenges faced by people who want to be successful and why do they not take dance classes? How can the lessons themselves help students learn more? This article will provide an introduction to social dance, cover common issues facing those who study social dance, and discuss why social dance is important to students’ success.

Social Dance

Social dance is defined as “a movement of dancers involved in social scenes or a group of dancers at a dance performance.” There are many cultural definitions (e.g., “African dance”, “Japanese dance” and “Spanish dance”) but most often, “social dance” consists of both African and Asian dance movements. There are different aspects of social dance; some dances require teamwork and others are more free; and there are different degrees of difficulty. Social dance involves physical, verbal, and conceptual aspects. The basic aspect of social dance is the need to express oneself while being part of a collective social environment. It is a way for people to be able to share who they are and how they feel.

The social dance community is an important one. It encompasses both students and parents of dance. The social dance community is a network of dancers, and many of the participants of social dance are in a similar position of having lost their social dance career. Some of those who have lost social dance experience are interested in continuing to dance in order to help others. Also, many of these social dancers are those who want to learn and make a difference in the culture, while still pursuing their other dance-related interests (e.g., fashion, performance, theater, etc.). These people are also often the ones who know what it takes to be successful.

To learn more about dance training and social dance as a whole, check out these webinars.

What is Social Dance?

Social dance is a cultural movement; it embraces and honors the cultures in which it is performed. Social dance is the way that people and cultures co-exist and celebrate themselves through movement.

A social dance performance is a performance that takes place on specific social dance stages (e.g., bars, clubs, streets). An example of a social dance performance is “the dance” or “the way” in which people dance around a stage. Other examples include, “a dance like this”, “the dance on the beach”, “a dance that is going nowhere”, “the dance with family”, and “the dance where nothing is happening”. Social dance is the way all people dance at once

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