Why is dancing important? – Center For Social Dance

It is because dancing is a social form of group dance, and dances encourage social interaction and camaraderie in groups. The dancer is like a sponge, a sponge for information on how others are doing and a sponge for information regarding what should be done.

Does dancing have to be like theater? Doesn’t that mean the performer is always right?

No, but people have to learn that the performer is not always right.

How does the dancer learn? Do they practice?

Some people dance to learn, others practice, and some people do not practice at all and just dance spontaneously.

What, if anything, is being observed during a session, like dancing, or “acting out” an act?

No observations are made. This is because only the performer and the audience are aware of what is being seen.

What does it mean when the dancer is not feeling good?

The dancer is not feeling good because he/she was not able to perform satisfactorily. There are many reasons why a dancer may not make it. Here is another reason for not feeling good. If a performer is uncomfortable, why does he/she not dance? A dancer may find it unpleasant to dance unless he is confident and good. If he does not feel good, why does he/she not dance? It is possible that a dancer feels it is unpleasant to dance until he/she gets the confidence to dance satisfactorily. Also, there may be physical reasons for not feeling good. For example, a dancer may not perform correctly because he/she is tired, weak, etc. Many factors may cause a dancer not to feel good during a performance. Even though not able to perform the dance, a dancer has to perform anyways, just not in his/her performance. Why does that bother dancers, though?

If a performer does not like to do the performance, so what? Forcing a performer to do a performance that he/she does not want to perform is not a good thing at all. This also does not mean it is wrong to take some time to give a dancer feedback.

When is a dance being performed?

This depends on many factors.

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Why do the dancers have to move to get applause and be recognized?

In addition to the feedback it gives, applause also gives dancing a sense of accomplishment, achievement.

Where does the dancing take place: outside or inside a building, on a street, a

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