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What do we mean when we say we dance? What is our dance? How do we perform it? This course will show you how to perform some of the most common types of dance moves we see in a day and how to create your own unique dance style. If you like to dance, learn how to dance!

Mumbai: The Maharashtra government is pushing ahead with its ambitious plans to make India’s largest city a self-sufficient centre of food processing and logistics with a goal of creating a manufacturing hub worth US$1.2-billion.

The first batch of high-speed cable, air bridges and a 10-km road network will be completed by the end of this year, chief of the state’s economic development ministry Vikas Dharmadhikari told The Hindu on condition of anonymity.

Under the ambitious plans, the city, which is home to a large number of small farmers like Jogeshwar Jogi, will be transformed from a food hub to a manufacturing hub.

The city will be transformed as well into the largest and fastest inland port in the country – that will allow shipping, cargo, marine and air services to be routed to India’s cities, Dharmadhikari added.

He also said that the government had approved the creation of a high-speed network for cargo and air traffic, a first for the country, the infrastructure minister said.

The new network would reduce time and cost by about a third to carry cargo to and off the coast.

“This will increase commerce in this city and it will also bring more business in the city. We will have the capability and capacity to handle the demand,” Dharmadhikari said.

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority said the proposed infrastructure would create thousands of jobs in the city.

“This will be a very important move by the government as most of these people would have come to Mumbai to work for small businesses but this will enable them to get jobs and provide infrastructure for others to do so as well,” added the CMRDA official.

The city aims to grow by 300,000 jobs a year, or 6 percent of the total work force in the central state, with 10 percent of the total population by 2021, it added.

The following is a guest post by Michael S. Smith. In it, Michael explores the difference between the following and the original, and what the original means to him.

By Michael S. Smith

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