Why is Dance important in our life? – History Of Social Dances Ppt Presentation

The answer is a simple one

We are born into a culture that looks like this. We are told to dance. Dance is everything. It is all we know. It is in our DNA. It is in our bones. It is in our souls. Dancing is the great equalizer. It is a way to express our passion for life. It is an emotion in our society that refuses to go away. When it hits our face, it doesn’t leave it there. The feeling just stays there. Dance is our greatest superpower.

Dance is the glue that holds our lives together. It is our way of being ourselves. It makes the world go round. It is how we make friends. It is how we make sure that our lives aren’t a waste of time. It is how the universe is put back together. There is nothing wrong with dancing. We all can do it. It can make our day, it can make us laugh, it can make us feel beautiful, it can make us feel powerful, it can make us feel loved. Dancing can be your most sacred responsibility.

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We have the ability to express our ideas, to think them out on paper and to be inspired. There are hundreds of dance movements that we can play. We can sing, dance solo, join in a group, or join in a group with dancers. We can feel the energy of the music and get a deeper connection. We can let our intuition take over and create the experience that we want to live. Let us feel everything and let us feel nothing.

We can feel joy, we can feel terror. We can feel love, we can feel hate, we can feel anger. Dance is just so many of these things and so many more. It is in us and it can open the eyes of a whole new world of possibilities. Dance is the life blood of our culture. It gives us so much. It’s the thing that makes our nation and our people so great.

The dance is such a way for us to express ourselves and we have this incredible opportunity, that so many people can come over and join our party, and our celebration and so many different ways of expressing ourselves, that so many things can happen. Because it is that important.

Dance is the best way for us to express our joy, our sadness, our fear, our love, our fear, our pride. All the colors can come out and it’s all so beautiful. And it really is the greatest gift

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