Why is ballet in French? – Social Dance Curriculum

Is it because ballet gets a lot of hits in French? Is it because the dancers wear pink? Did you get a job at the French Embassy because you had to? Have you got an Italian husband? Or are you a “blonde”?

Well, we can’t speak for them, but here a very well-known director from France has posted this charming letter addressed to all those young Italian lovers.

A new study that explores the causes and treatments for mental illness in children and adolescents shows that there is no evidence that early intervention saves lives – or that the effects of this intervention persist into adulthood.

The research, published today in the journal Pediatrics, compared the effects of mental health interventions – such as a school-based psychosocial program and community-based psychosocial support – with the outcomes of children who did not receive these interventions and who had a stable family background. The findings show that these interventions, and other family-based programs such as counseling and day cares – do not prevent or treat mental illness in children – while not improving outcomes in the adults who participate.

“Some children who receive treatments or interventions may continue to be distressed over time and not see the benefits of the interventions that they received, and for some adults who take part,” said study author Paul D’Addario, Ph.D., principal investigator at the Center for Mental Health Care Research at the University of Washington and director of the Center for Mental Health Care Research (CMCRe). “But there is no evidence that these interventions prevent or treat serious mental illness in children and teenagers. This study provides no evidence to this effect, indicating that all interventions, regardless of their outcome, do not provide clinically meaningful benefit to children or adolescents with severe mental illness.”

The researchers’ conclusion is based on an analysis of 3,700 children and adolescents assessed at baseline between 1996 and 2005. At that time, 2,542 of the 3,687 children participated in the Youth Study of Substance Use, an ongoing longitudinal study of children’s substance use. Of those children, 1,621 experienced at least one serious mental illness, such as depression or suicidal ideation.

The report, “No Evidence for Improved Mental Health Outcomes with Early Intervention in Preschoolers and Adolescents,” also noted that, despite reports suggesting a significant effect for early treatment, the evidence to support this is limited, and many interventions were not evaluated.

“Children living in poor households and children from racial and ethnic minority households have higher rates

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