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“The only time they could have stopped him, was if they had been aware the bomb could not be stopped. It’s a bomb with no button—all it does is explode and release a cloud of lead that just bounces around.” ―Harrison Ford’s description of Han Solo’s X-1 Interceptor

The X-1 Interceptor was a super-fast and heavily armed spacecraft made by Bespin’s Resistance. It was built for close combat, with a heavy weapons load in order to compensate for its sluggish acceleration, and had enhanced shielding and weaponry.

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Characteristics Edit

The Interceptor, while still an Interceptor,[14] had several improvements over the Interceptor. It could carry two fighters and three bombers in addition to its cargo pod.[5] The X-1 also possessed a hyperspace capability.[15]

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History Edit

Han Solo and his group of rebel heroes escaped from the Death Star during the Battle of Yavin under the cover of a stolen Tantive IV shuttle. The X-1 Interceptor, manned by Bespin Resistance members, used their X-wing fighter craft to intercept them.[15]

The X-1 later accompanied Luke Skywalker into a secret lab where he tried to repair his X-wing. The X-1 managed to disable Luke’s X-wing with a single shot from its quad laser cannon, forcing Luke to land the X-wing within the lab. The X-1 then flew over the moon’s surface, where it was intercepted by the Death Star’s X-wings, which had been lured by a false distress beacon.[15] Han and his crew later piloted the X-1 over Tannhauser Ridge.[

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