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Where did that ‘hood come from? Who’s putting those new kids on the block? What about people of color? How is that going to solve things? Where’s the diversity in this?”

Rapper Yassine ” Y.A.M.E.Y.C.A.M.C.W.I.N.B.” is a perfect example of how not everyone who’s in the Hip Hop community thinks they understand Black culture. Not too long ago, he was a member of the group Soul Clap. This past summer, he was arrested with a group called MST3K, which was a reference to “Mind Screw,” an episode of the late 1980s TV show that featured puppets with no minds of their own. The arrest caught the mainstream media’s attention. But before you get all bent out of shape, know that YA.M.E.Y.C.A.M.C.W.I.N.B.’s group was actually a group that grew out of a real life situation in New Orleans. The name was a play, after a series of real life encounters Y.A.M.E.Y.C.A.M.C.W.I.N.B. had with cops.

“Y.A.M.E.Y.C.A.M.C.W.I.N.B.” has a message for the media, but it’s not one that sounds all that different than what rappers of color have been saying for years. “If you want to get real and give you a full look and see how things work, I’ll let them speak for themselves,” he continues, “It’s about the struggle of black people right now. I don’t want you to take that for granted, but you are the ones who are being targeted and killed by these ‘Police.'”

There’s something to be said for a culture and movement that’s trying to change things. Black people are fed up with the way things were the moment Malcolm X rose to power. Now that they’ve made it to the top of the heap, Black people look at white people trying to change things through change programs, and don’t believe them. Instead of looking at our problems, I think we should try to change people’s minds. Not only do we need to make change to make our lives, but also to try to help people outside our own neighborhoods and communities. This, in combination with a new approach

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