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1. “Tango” – No matter who the student is – it will be someone who loves to dance.

2. “Pas de Deux” – The 2nd step is so close yet so different that it feels like two steps…

3. “Rouges” – The last step is the hardest step. It’s so hard, that a kid will struggle and fall down before it. This is when kids say ‘this is the most complicated dance you’ve ever seen’ (The first step is from “Tango”).
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4. “Jigare” or “Jigger” – In the US, the jigare steps are danced as a duo (2 steps) followed by 3 steps in unison (the one step is taken by one person…the other person is the first partner to take two steps in unison…and both steps are usually in sync…so it’s easy to see how it might be called ‘Jigare’ or ‘Jigger’). In Canada, the dance is called ‘Pas de Deux’ where the 2nd step is taken by both dancers and is then repeated by the one. The last step is called by a different name (jigger).

5. “Cherokee” – In the US, the term “Cherokee” is used to refer to those dance steps where the person in the back is doing the “Jigare” step. In Canada, it’s referred to as “Pas de Deux” (the second step is taken by the one partner and the last two steps are taken by each other).

6. “Lincoln” – In the US, “Lincoln” is used to refer to the 2nd step (one person goes first; the other goes second). In North America, it’s referred to as “Tango” since it’s the step performed by both the person in the front (one steps first…while the other goes second; you can see they’re both dancing at the same time) and the person in the back (one steps first, the other goes second; the dance is the same as with the “Cajun” steps).

7. “Twerks” – The Twerks dance moves is popular with the children. It’s called “Twerks”…you’ll see that it includes the jigare and pas de deux…then a final “Jigger” step taken by the

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