Where did social dance originated? – Glen Echo Park Social Dances For Special Needs

It comes from the Arabic word tajm which means “to dance”, but this only refers to rhythmic actions involving two or more persons in close proximity.” So there you have it, that is how social dancing originated, and we will use that term for the rest of the post.

In fact this whole idea that we should all be able to move with ease, as if there is not an ‘us’ and an ‘them’ then we all should be just that, a ‘me’ and a ‘you’ which somehow leads to people being very confused. No, don’t think like that, as every individual’s body is unique to this one and is shaped by his life experiences. If that wasn’t enough, let’s look at how to dance correctly and what makes a good dance.

How to dance correctly

Dancing should be done from a standing position. You should look up at the floor at the same time that you walk. That is called ‘straight up’ in any language. There should be no leaning in one direction. It is not advisable to lean forward or backward. All that you do should be straight up, without leaning over, leaning to one side, or standing tall. Any deviation to this should lead to a fall or to an injury. Just do your best to do the dance in this way.

How to dance in a circle

This is probably the hardest part of social dancing. You need people to circle around you. This is where the magic stops. The person on the ‘in front’ side of the circle should be on the other side of you while you are dancing with them. You can be dancing with anyone; no one is in charge, and there are no ‘no’s’ or ‘yes’s’ in dance. Just keep dancing and the circle will move with you. It’s very important not to stop dancing; the circle is made up of one person. That makes all the difference in the world!

The person behind you should be on the ‘sides’ of you while you are dancing. Again, there are no ‘yes’s’ or ‘no’s for this dance. Simply dance and the circle will follow you around.

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How to dance from a standing position

Here’s the second hardest part. The better you do this, the easier it will be! However, the more experienced you become; the less comfortable it will be for you. This step takes a bit more practice. First, sit down and take

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