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The earliest documented use or evidence of social dance date to about 1900. There are also a few early examples in the 1920s and 1930s, where dancers with names such as ‘Carry Me, Carry Me, Carry Me’, ‘Come Walk With Me’, and ‘Mammy’ may have appeared. By the mid-20th Century, though, the use of social dance in entertainment had become more prevalent and became more formalised, in some instances with the inclusion of lyrics, rather than in its more ‘mature’ form which relied on movement, choreography, and music. Although the use of dance in music had also long preceded the appearance of such material, the music itself became the common subject of songs, from ‘Ride Your Baby’ through to ‘Downton Abbey’.

The first documented use of the phrase ‘bop, bop’ was on June 6th 1930 on the track ‘The Great Dancer’ from the film ‘The Great Dancer’ which was shot in 1930. Later, in 1934, the British folk song ‘The Great Ballad’ was set to the tune of the ‘Carry Me, Carry Me’ number. Another of the earliest songs to use social dance and the phrase ‘bop, bop’ was “Pigs In A Blanket” performed by the English folk band The Tuggers in 1933, which became a hit. One of the most recognised early uses of the phrase ‘bop, bop’ was in the film ‘Beverly Hills Cop’, which debuted in 1939, as a part of a scene in a short by Walt Disney.

The usage of dance music in contemporary entertainment was not seen until the 1960s. The earliest popular use of pop dance music, a song called “The Jazz Singer”, was recorded by the British rock singer John Denver in 1961, followed by the American rock band The Police in 1965. Therein the phrase was first used in their song “Everybody’s Got to Dance”. While dance music is typically referred to as a dance genre, it is most certainly not restricted to dance. It was also common to use dance tracks in movies for comedic or dramatic effect, such as many of those included in The Complete Guide to Dance Music.

Was there a time when social danced originated?

The earliest recorded instances of the phrase ‘bop, bop’ in music are from the 1930s and 1940s, and in the lyrics of ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ by the rock

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