What was ballet originally used for? – Social Dance Skills

It is not the place for us to say; as I remember, it was used as a tool for teaching some of the boys.

Is there a particular reason why dance has always been a social activity? It is hard to explain, the dance is one of the most social of all.

What do you consider the most important cultural factors for the young men and women you were able to meet? I think, among them: friendship which is one that can be formed only without the participation of strangers, kindness and consideration, and the capacity and willingness to be flexible and to adjust to the environment (as well as to a different place) that people bring to an event.

Do you think dancing will become more and more popular and will it also attract more and more young people? I am sure that in a short time it will be found more and more that there is something for every interest.

Why did you decide to write this book? Because I was curious about the youth generation and I felt very, very close to them. At the time of my meeting with them, I had many years of experience in music, and it was my mission to give an account of how these people, for example, have become engaged in dance in a variety of ways, and how they have taken their inspiration from music and from music culture. This is perhaps the biggest challenge that every author faced.

What has been your favorite subject to focus on? In fact I was interested in making a book about the people who dance. I think it would be interesting to include music as an interesting subject, but I did not know that there is now such a book: ‘Music and Dance: The History and Future of a Cultural Relationship’. It has many great ideas for an overview of the development of dance within a Western context.

Why do you think dance works best for students who want to develop a musical approach? It is true that there are young adults who can go on dancing, but the most important thing is that they get the idea of a musical approach to dance. Of course there is a good possibility that when these students get to be adults, they will still enjoy the experience, but as a teacher I would say, they can learn something from them.

What kind of experience has been the most memorable for you? The most memorable experience I have had on the dance floor is meeting the most beautiful people I have ever known, who had such an open way to express themselves.
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