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The first ballet for women to come along was Aida, an 18th-century ballet from a man who wanted to teach women to dance. Aida was created around 1550 by a German artist named Jakob von Hildebrandt, who was commissioned by the royal court of the Duke of Ems. At his instigation, a school was set up at Hildesheim, which served all the women in the royal household. The school was located in a cloistered monastery.

What was its main function?

Like an opera troupe, it played the roles and performed the dances for all the ladies. As the role was taken by a woman, a male dancer would be substituted to accompany the woman on the stage.

Can a ballet class be taught?

Unlike in the United States, which allows ballet and other acrobatic movements to be taught, Germany does not have a law against teaching acrobatics. This has resulted in a proliferation of schools throughout the country and countries overseas. For example, there is a school in Finland that taught ballet to all its students. You can visit this American school on YouTube.

How do I get a license?

The first step is to get to the local authority in your area, usually where there is a school. Each state has its own requirements; they vary in the number of students the school can enrol and some only require you to have a high school diploma or equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree. Most ballet courses offered in Germany involve at least four hours of instruction.

What’s the difference between an instructor, a student and a performer?

In Germany, there are two main classes, an instructor and a student: The instructor teaches everything to the students, the students take the knowledge from the instructors. In Germany, the students are very similar to the U.S. In Germany, it is considered the student’s job to get them to perform.

When you apply for a license, you give a statement stating that you take your job seriously and abide by all local standards, including the American standards. This means that the school should have a training certificate. The school also needs to ensure that you have at least a college education. You’ll also have to pass a background check.

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