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A: It’s called ballet, you know. It’s really a pretty amazing game. The game’s very intense. When you get into the game you are in a world. You are surrounded by this big, awesome world. It’s not like, I am going to cut the world here. But you’re in this little room. It’s so big. It’s so big. And then we have all these different things going on. You’re trying to figure out what’s the one that could kill you. You want to be safe and that’s where you get the idea behind ballet.

Q: What were you doing before you came to E3?

A: I would run into the games room for about 30 minutes and I would run into them playing the game and then go over to the television and play a game for five or six minutes, because I was in there watching it. So from the game room, I was like, what are you doing? There was a lot here but I was very impressed with the amount of games. I’m a huge game player and that shows here.
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Q: You mentioned earlier about your life before you got into EA. What sort of jobs did you do before that? Have you got to talk about that?

A: I did freelance work, I worked for a marketing department which was the games division. I had a couple of guys there I was working for that was like, “We’re making a new game for the Xbox, what kind of titles would you like to get involved?” I had a number of jobs, but the one I remember was, basically, it was as a graphic designer where I would develop the graphics for games for these other companies.

I actually remember one particular time that I went to my boss and said, “I would like to take on more freelance work to help fund this project. Let me give you a call or I’ll get out here and give you some work.” I had the first video game that I worked on at EA and it was a little RPG. It had these cool elements and it got a little bit of success but not much because my company didn’t have any money. I remember one particular night we had a big dinner and I walked into my boss’s office and he was like, “Hey man go do some freelance work.” I was like, “Yeah man let me come over here and help.” And he says, “Okay, fine,” and he hands me a stack

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