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Social dance provides a sense of community – the people who dance together in communal spaces offer each other support, encouragement, and help and the community acts as a sort of social glue on the dance floor. This is why it is such a good tool for social dance.

If we have enough community, or we want enough community, then the question becomes is the social dance that is best for us? And we have to decide how these social dance can be created in the space without diminishing the individual spaces; how do we create a communal environment that we can all enjoy and build on rather than losing the feeling of community?

The answer is to make social dancing more social and more open – to develop an understanding of the needs of the social dance community and how social dance can bring together all of these needs in a positive space.

For example, if you look at the dance movements of social dance artists (which is something that the dancers themselves do) these movements are often very individual, often very fast, and they are very focused on individual dance moves. If that is what we want to be, we need to find ways to bring together these diverse individual dance movements.

This is why when social dance was taught as an individual dance in a primary school, dance was taught in order to develop individual dance skills. Now, however, many social dance schools use social dance as community and dance to learn about community and social skills.

When do we need to use social dance at our own practice space?

If you are dancing and you have the skills and you get into a social dance group, you can get a great workout. This could give you a great fitness boost and maybe help you become interested in social dance as an art form.

This is an important aspect that we must take into account in order to use social dance as an art form. Not everyone knows about social dance, but if you use it and feel comfortable using it as an arts tool.

It is vital that we make sure we have the space, the atmosphere, the staff, and the members, as well as knowing that this social dance is being brought together, and not just a group of dance lovers that have started a group of their own.

This can be quite stressful for those who do it for the fun of it, but it is also very exciting for those who are practicing the art of social dancing because it can bring people together to a place where nothing could be more fun.

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