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What I would say is this: dancing to the rhythms of the world is not just the natural thing to do when you go to a party. Dancing to the rhythms of the world is something you can do while getting a good night’s sleep.

When people dance to a music and a rhythm, they don’t stop until there is nothing left. The music and the rhythm, they stay until there is nothing but that. And, when you see that, I think the people who dance to music and to the rhythm know that in the other world, everything is different again. Everything is new.

But you know, this is so abstract you could only dream of it.

I don’t know if it has worked, but what I can be sure of is that my dance has helped people in their lives. I’ve made people happier and happier, because we made each other happy. That is the real benefit of my dance.

You had this great line, “I always told my dance teacher that my dancing was a kind of mental exercise in self-knowledge.” What did you mean for yourself then about this?

Yeah, I think, especially in a generation where we are a bit isolated, we are very interested in ourselves. We like to think about ourselves to the extent we can; but we don’t have any self-knowledge. We are in a world in which the world is a kind of abstract, an abstraction where some things are not defined, and things are not real.

In that world we could not have a dance to the music. That means it has to be something real, something tangible. A dance or music has to give the person a sense of some kind of belonging, and it also have to do something with the people it’s doing it to. Because the things we dance with have a sort of social importance, if you know what I mean. Otherwise they would have to just be some kind of decoration, a decoration for us to be able to be happy and to be healthy. And I think my dance gave me a kind of life, as well. It helped me to become better with what I had. It gave me some confidence in myself.

So, I would say, dancing is a kind of mental exercise in self-knowledge. It’s not something you could get from reading a book; dance provides you with knowledge and it gives you knowledge and it keeps you going.

The next time you dance, tell people about it. Tell

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