What is social dance examples? – Current Social Dance Trends

What happens if I do something like this? I have been doing social dance for a few years and I have been learning some very basic steps. I had forgotten what the steps of a step were because I usually practiced them right before classes instead of after. But at my first class, they were still new to me. When I tried them at work the next day I thought I had a hard time using one foot. My first mistake of forgetting my basics is when I tried to do an A and went with a B instead. I have used my left foot and I have used my right foot as if they were normal. I have just used my left foot instead of the wrong foot. The reason why I have not forgotten the basics is because when I practiced it I used my right foot. After a week, while I was not sure if I knew my mistakes, I was actually very good at the dancing. I was very good at the routine until the first dance at my next class. It seemed that if I used my left foot I knew that I just couldn’t do it the same way. The first day of class was not a very good day for me because if I did a wrong step there was no way I was really going to pass. However, the problem was, I did get good. The lesson then went well. I was feeling good about myself. The next day I was good but I wanted to do a better routine. So, when my second lesson went well, I went back to the dance. I was able to really do my routine again but not the way I would like. The second time I tried my routine, I noticed I really forgot my left foot. I couldn’t even do two strides the same way. When I did my routine the second time because I didn’t feel a real need, I decided it was time to change to my right foot. As I practiced I was sure the way I was doing was wrong so I was trying to do my routine the way I had practiced before. That is when the mistake became apparent. I got my right foot back to the place where it was before my mistake. I was able to do my routine in a better way which felt like I was practicing it right. The lesson went in another direction but when I got back to it, the other direction was what I was feeling. Then I realized I had done the A and B wrong. It really messed me up. I felt like I was dancing the wrong way. One mistake at a time. But I

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