What is social dance and examples? – What Is Social Dance Mixers Ppt

Social dance is a dance where several people in a group dance to music together. Usually two sets of people dance to music played on different instruments. Social dance events usually last for at least one hour, but some are usually held for several hours. These types of dance, called “popular dances”, are mainly done at places such as dance clubs and in dance studios. Social dance is not to be confused with traditional dance which refers to traditional dances of people and culture from many different cultures. In traditional dance, a specific dance is performed or choreographed to music. The people of a particular race or religion may perform dances or perform other rituals during the dance.

Examples of social dance:

Afrikaans-AfroDance – African dance in Afrikaans.

Arab-Arabic-Dance – Arabic dancing or music in Arabic.

Asa-Arabic-Dance – a dance dance based on Arab music; it is based on Arabic music.

Ballet – dances are based on music, from French-Arabian musical genre.

Baba Ghanoush – dance based on Persian and Kurdish traditions. The name Baghanoush is considered very sacred in Iran and Afghanistan.

Bajra – Ballet dance.

Bengali-Ballet – Bengali Dance based on Balinese music (Dancing and Dancing) and dance of Bajra Dance Tribe in India.

Choroo Sangeet – A dance dance based on tribal traditions.

Chukki-Dance – Traditional dance based on South Indian dance with a similar beat to the South Indian dance Vadukkuri (Vada). This dance is danced only in Jammu and Kashmir.

Dravidar Vidya Bhai Ji – Hindu religious dance with a similar beat as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s dance Vidya Bhai Ji.

Dance of the Pongala (Pongal) – A dance performed mainly in Tamilnadu. This dance, which originates from the village of Paikar, Kerala in South India.

East Indian Dancer – A dance based on the East Indian dance Vaikhari.

Emerson: Traditional dance from the West Indies.

Folk Dance – Traditional dance from the United Kingdom.

Georgian-Dance – Traditional Georgian dance with a similar beat to Georgian Dance.

Hindustani Dancer – Dance based

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