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Social dancing is a way of dancing that works well within the dance community, for anyone who works with people in the community, or has lived with people for a while. We dance around social issues, and are happy to dance or practice in a group setting. We do not judge people, and in general, try to be as inclusive as possible with our dancing.

We do hold monthly classes and are happy to teach you a new dance. Whether you have never danced before or you are a complete beginner who has been getting into dance for a while, we have classes on everything from basic to advanced dance styles, from jazz to ballet, and from traditional to contemporary styles.

Whether you have a ton of talent or not, a good teacher or a good partner, we can make anything easy to do in our classes. You can easily pick a class or dance style that you enjoy, and the instructors or team can help you improve your technique, technique for your partner, or improve your coordination. When you join us as a participant or a teacher, we want you to be in the dance community!

Our classes tend to be more advanced than most dance classes in Portland, though we always welcome all levels. We are also happy to do groups but we do want to make it clear that we do not have a group or dance group program.

How do I join a dance team?

Dance teams play a key role in helping people discover their potential. We believe in teaching through the performance of dance, so dancers who love to work with one another, as individuals or as a team, are welcome – though we also want students and dancers to express themselves for themselves. If you are interested, please review our membership section and click on the “Contact Us” button.

Who may join the Dance Team?

Students, teachers, and dancers should know that dance teams are not exclusive. Everyone is welcome to join a dance team and play together. However, there may be rules and a team may not mix people who would be a challenge with people who are easy to dance with or can easily perform.

Who are the dance teams?

We hold weekly dance teams. Each dance team consists of two people who dance or perform together and who want to get their skills together in a safe environment.

If you are interested in a team of students, teachers, and dancers, you can contact one of the dance teams or to create a team, click here.

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