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It’s all about pleasure, joy, and community.”

I’m just a teenager and all sorts of things is coming into my life. I’ve got a job at a company where my manager is incredibly nice, even though she is married with a child. I’ve got a family which is now about to get a baby brother and I really want a relationship with him. So my life is totally different from what I imagined it would be. I was thinking I would have at least one boyfriend but my parents say my life is not the sort of life I’d want to have. I’m having a really hard time being single and thinking the right time to ask for more time with the man I love would be for a year or so. They’ve been putting pressure on me to marry my boyfriend but I am not sure if that’s the right time or not. Any opinions please?

The most popular question asked on Stack Overflow during the past several months has been a question from an old-school programmer who wanted to implement a library for converting between Java objects into C++ pointers. For many that question wasn’t as simple as it might seem. After discussing it with a few developers, it became apparent that there were actually multiple libraries out there which did the same thing, using varying levels of efficiency. In this post I’m going to cover what I think are the most popular ones which offer something different and which I recommend using as much as you can during your studies.

The most popular ones

A good start to using such a library would be to figure out what you do exactly and what that means. For that you should use a simple google search to find a decent library like:

The above Google search returns quite a few interesting results. What those results are worth is difficult to say, but there are some things to notice about some of the most popular ones. Some libraries take advantage of some useful C++ features while others take advantage of others. Some take advantage of generics to improve some APIs while others use interfaces. Some take advantage of some types of data structures while others avoid them altogether (e.g. linked lists). Some have libraries for some platforms while others don’t offer much that’s particularly useful. Most of the libraries have a simple API which is used by people who want to add a particular capability which they can think of for their own use case.

Of course, there’s also the question of performance. The library itself will probably be able to reduce the performance of your code substantially.

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