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The definition of dance is: performing or performing on a stage at all times

the purpose of which is to express
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the characteristics which make the group or individual

such that they appear to be dancing

(Source: BAP) Dance performance in India is a category A Bollywood Film Act, where it is mandatory for performers for all film performances to get an Indian passport. It does not have a list of requirements regarding the entry or exit procedure for a foreign performer.

The rules regarding entering and leaving India are not as stringent as in other countries. A foreign performer with a valid work visa with a valid validity of 36 months may work as long as his stay is not exceed 6 months out of 365. The entry and exit requirements for Indian nationality varies from place to place with many different requirements for entry or exit. However it does require prior permission from the Government of India’s Directorate of Passport. The exit of a foreigner who has left India should be sought upon his arrival back in India. It is not a requirement for foreigners to enter and leave India for personal or business reasons. A consular official will determine the exit procedures.

There are two types of visa applications for Indian nationals entering India – Work Visa and Marriage Marriage visa.

Work Visa Application The work visa needs to be received in India by an employer/ employer/ employee before the period of stay is not specified. Work Visa Application Procedure When applying for work, please show a valid passport photo accompanied by a statement of the desired duration of stay in India and your work visa card. This should be submitted with your application at the border.

You can apply for a work visa for work of 10 hours or more per month for up to one year at the time of application. You can also apply for a shorter duration of stay as per your requirement. The applicant can also apply for permanent residence in India for 6 years at the time of application depending on the length of stay. (Source: Indian Express) The application process would be similar to a tourism visa application but it takes longer and requires the applicant to pay an entry tax.

Marriage Visa Application The marriage visa application is not a work Visa Application. A marriage visa is considered only if the applicants spouse agrees to remain in India permanently and they meet all other requirements.

Marriage Visa Application Procedure

You can apply for a marriage visa for up to one year at the time you are applying for your visa. The marriage visa application forms are similar to other visa application

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