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ChaCha means “a state of awareness of the mind states which can never escape but have to be experienced in the present” or “chakras.” In terms of the yogic art, chakras are areas of our consciousness where we are aware of many different levels of awareness in relation to the material world (the physical body and the mind, in various states of physical, mental and spiritual awareness) and the spiritual realm. These chakras are also referred to as chakras of awareness in the yoga art. As the yogic art is about the experience of our mental, physical and spiritual bodies, these chakras, which are considered the five chakras of the yoga art, are considered to be the five major chakras in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, as they are the most powerful and dominant of the five chakras.

How does the Yoga Art help one “get rid of worry” with regard to the “physical” world and the mind?
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In fact, the Yoga Art may actually be the most important part of yogic practice. You see, the yogic art helps us to become aware of the five major chakras of the human body (the head, body/head, neck, spine & arms and legs) and, to become aware of how the body functions, how the mind functions. As we become more and more aware of the subtle forces controlling our thoughts, words and actions, the “physical” world and the mind, we can experience the subtle energy that governs our consciousness. This subtle energy also affects our physical bodies (this has been proven in studies on the effects of yoga on the circulatory system). Our physical bodies, therefore, play an important role in our lives as they help to keep us alive (and healthy) by controlling our bodily functions which help to regulate our nervous system (sickness and illness, as well as stress and injury).

The subtle energy that controls our consciousness can also be related to our consciousness and brainwaves. Therefore, the yoga art also helps to learn how to meditate so as to have a deeper, uninterrupted experience of bliss, while still being aware of how our conscious self is connected to the subtle energy of the body (which affects the physical and psychological states of our body).

One example of a yogi meditating is as follows:

1. Start by opening your eyes.

2. Close your eyes and allow a visualization of a man

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