What are the types of dance? – What Is Social Dance Mixers Meaningful Beauty

Where are the classes? What are the rules?

All are on the website and the teacher will be happy to put a class on and explain them!

I am looking for information. Where should I find it?

Go to this page to get all the information you might need. The site is growing!

I have the site and I want to update it. Where can I go?

You can download the new version of your old page here. The old version will keep working as well if you download it on another web-address (your site is at /mywww.newpages.com/dancesmith.html if you are trying it here).

Can I get the website on my mobile?

YES! Please send an email to dancesmith.webmaster@gmail.com with the subject line “mobile website” for details.

I am having trouble registering and saving my forms. Where do I go?

Email dancesmith.webmaster@gmail.com with the subject line “registering now” for instructions.

Can I get a password?

Yes, you can create a password! Click here to create a password.

I would like a PDF of my dances. I can print it, scan it and save it to my computer. Do I need a computer to read the files and upload them?

Nope. Click here for instructions.

Can I get this dance on DVD form for sale? I want to sell these dances.

Please see the dance pages.

I found someone who owns it. What should I do?

That’s awesome! We would love to have you as a regular member (memberships at dancesmith.com cost $100 per person per year). Your business will be more likely to get a better review.
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I want to use the website to do some business. The site is full of information and free. Where can I get some more?

You can find some information for your business on the dance pages.

Where are the dances in the catalog?

All dances are in there.

Where are the dances?

Click on the dances below.

Click on the title above. For example: “Bubba Kicking It”

The pages with the number in a format to look up (for example, 8-18-2013) are also in the catalog. (For example: 18-

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