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Dance is so complex, like a dance of the mind between two minds. It’s very hard to explain it by words. The best way is to watch videos. It’s hard to explain exactly with words. One person, it looks like, goes on the stage, and the other one dances underneath her. I don’t even know how it’s possible to describe it without words.

You’ve stated that your choreography has never been the basis from which your music was based. Have you ever felt that you are responsible for a particular sound or style within the dance circuit?

I feel it’s impossible for me. I haven’t felt responsible for one particular style. I just dance according to my instincts. I’ve always tried to push things further than I ever expected them to go.

You have stated that you have never wanted to be considered to dance in the same style as other dancers. Do you feel like this would lead to the destruction of your image in hip hop music in the long run?

No and no. This is a different part of your life. I’ve worked for so many years to not be known as a person that dances in the same style as another dancer.

You have had success as a solo artist throughout your career. Do you have any specific goals for the future?

I want to be the best solo artist and have the best career.

How did “Criminal Minds” start?

For the first three seasons on ABC, “Criminal Minds” was based on Fox’s spinoff Law & Order. This led to two shows: “Husbands and Wives” and “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.” The fifth season was cancelled. While the show had always been based on a single brand, Fox was not planning on a spin-off series next season.

How did “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” start?

The series’ third season did a story-line spinoff called the “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” spin-off. The spin-off was created by The Mentalist creator Mark Gagliardi.

What is your favorite “Criminal Minds” episode “Beyond Borders?”

When was the last show episode that you have rated as your favorite?

Do you ever get bored with “Criminal Minds”?

I have to admit…I’m not much of a fan of “Criminal Minds:” Beyond Borders

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