What are the types of dance? – Social Dance Europe

In general, there are basically 3 types of dance:

1 – Ballet- This is essentially hip-hop, which requires dancing in short steps.

As you can see, they dance in the traditional way.

2 – Hip hop- This consists of different styles of dancing, based on their genre. It does not require any other physical skill.

3 – Pop dance- These are the most basic kinds of dance, as they mostly require dancing. They tend to follow a set form, similar to western dance.

What are the rules of dance?

What kind of steps can I use?

Some rules of dance are as mentioned above:

In general, you can not use high step.

In general, you can not use all three leg (legs)

In general, you can not use low step.

Can I use different steps?

You can either use all three leg (legs) on one part of the way, or two. (If you’re going for a solo dance look for these two steps on one part of the way).

Can I use this step on my right leg, on my left leg, or both legs together?

Yes, but they do not belong to the same step as the one above.

I’m dancing a song with a dance-style in the lyrics, which do you consider most dangerous?

Dance-styles can be divided into the following groups:

1 – Traditional

2 – Hip hop

3 – Pop dance

2 – TraditionalDance- Traditional music can be found for almost all kinds of cultures, including Asia. Traditional music is still used in Asian culture. Traditional music is generally played by families. This traditional music is also known for being very fun and exciting. Traditional dance is the only style in which you don’t have to learn or master many dances, yet you still have the opportunity to learn and improve and grow. Traditional songs of dance are quite popular in Korea. In addition to traditional dance, there is also a pop dance style, often referred to as “Hip-hop.” It is characterized by long, high-pitched notes that are made in a wide range of different steps and stances. This style is similar to traditional dances in appearance but it is far more energetic; thus, it can be very dangerous for someone who is not familiar with hip hop.Pop dance is the most general and popular

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