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Dance-based dances are traditionally characterized by traditional patterns such as the step (step dance), the tumba, the pirouette, and the samba. There are other dance types that can range from traditional ballroom dances to contemporary dance like the jazz standard! However, most of the dance styles found in the dance industry are not recognized by the government as the two most suitable to this day.

The two types of dance are also distinguished by their different strengths and weaknesses. Popular dance styles among the younger population are the dance-based dances, such as tango or reggaeton, which are known for being fluid and dynamic. Those that are recognized as more traditional, such as the dance-based music, are traditionally characterized by a slower tempo and less complex movements, such as tango and reggaeton, both of which are traditionally known for being slower and more classical than the other types.

What is “social dance”?

Social dance is the type of dance where the physical movement and rhythmic movement of the participant is integral to the performance, such as street dances or other types of dance. People of all ages and levels of experience can perform social dances. These types of dance have traditionally been used for weddings and parties, in educational settings, as social celebrations, or in informal situations of community or business organizations.

What are “informal” dance styles such as dance troupes, or ballroom dances, etc.?

These styles include a wide variety of styles, including:

Classical music (Carmen’s Dance)

Ballroom dancing (The Ballet)

Tango – Spanish and Japanese

Modern dance styles (J.A.C.T.E.B or “The All-American Swing Dance”)

Contemporary dance styles – such as Jazz, R&B, etc.

What are “traditional” dance styles such as the classical, or jazz, ballroom, tango?

These movements tend to be more static. They are difficult to move through and will feel like you are being watched from a distance. They are not necessarily the best fit for our modern world. These types of dance are more suited for informal situations in restaurants or other private settings.

What are “traditional” dance movements such as the tumba, tumba tasset?

These motions are dynamic and are performed with the hand as the focus. These movements are known for more traditional

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