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They all sound the same.

“The hip hop dance moves is a way of creating a movement in an otherwise static, monotone setting,” says Giorgio. “It is used by DJ and producer to open up a new environment for the audience to get to know the movement and the music.”

Giorgio explains that the hip hop dance moves will vary. The first dance is called “Pops,” which is often described as a dance move. There are a number of variations to this dance move, which are described in Giorgio’s book Hip Hop Hip-Hop Moves.
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“The dance moves, then, are a creative way to bring a diverse range of diverse musical styles together,” says Giorgio. “This is particularly important on the road between major cultural hubs like London and New York. You are trying to do something unique and different in order to connect these venues on the same wavelength.”

The last dance, “Yass Yass,” is a dance move that Giorgio mentions is often referred to by DJs as one of the best dance moves for DJ sets.

“The Yass Yass is a kind of dance move you do when you want to make the crowd dance and the energy is high,” says Giorgio. “On the road between a major city and a large international festival, it is particularly important to be creative and exciting. It can be used all around the festival and outside it, too, as part of your sets, to help the mood of the audience at home.”

Giorgio continues, “The Yass Yass works both on the dance floor and at home. For a DJ it can be a fun and energetic introduction to a new track or dance move. It is not only about getting the crowd moving but also with the DJs in the crowd.”

One of the most popular dance moves used throughout the world is a hip hop flip. Here’s a look at some hip hop dance move definitions and variations.

Hip Hop Hip Flips: A Hip Hop Hip Flip (also known as a Hip Hop Flip) refers to a hip hop dance move where the performer spins both feet.

How: A hip hop flip is performed by alternating both feet through the air, in an almost horizontal fashion, until both feet touch the ground again. As the feet get closer together, the rhythm increases.

How: The DJ can use a hip hop flip as a creative way to mix a track or

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