What are the dance etiquette in social dancing? – Production In Dance

Are there any dances that don’t meet these strict guidelines? Are any dancing styles considered acceptable or inappropriate in a social dance setting?

How do you feel about being in your early 20’s and still being judged by your dancing ability?

Can you list 5 of your favorite dancing videos? What other dance videos do you feel most similar to in the style.

How do you define a “social dance”?

What if you were to be told you never have enough practice prior to the competition?

Do you feel like the social dance style of “sugar” is just a “nice to have” rather than a core foundation of knowledge or skill?

How much of your dancing is actually spontaneous? Do you feel that you have a good understanding of why these movements are a part of the dance?

How much of your dancing is just you feeling comfortable, enjoying yourself? How many steps do you have to commit at one point to truly feel a dance? Do you use specific moves to feel a dance in rhythm?

If you were asked to describe your dance style as best as you can, what might you say?

What do you think separates you from some of the other competitors?

Did you have the chance to give feedback on anything before the competition? Are any of your comments or opinions related to the competition?

What would the judges say to you if they sat down with you after the competition? How would you respond?

Tell me about anything that surprised or scared you during the competition.

How did you handle anxiety after the competition?

How do you feel about being in your early 20’s and still getting judged by your dance ability?

Have you ever danced before or have you danced with a partner before?

How did you feel in the middle of a dance? Tell me about that part of the dance.

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How did you feel about being judged against one of the best young dancers in his/her class?

Tell me about the physical aspects of dancing.

What does a well prepared competitor feel like?

In general, how do you feel when you dance before your competition and your dance is terrible and you can never catch up to someone like them? What would you do as a competitor to catch your rhythm?

What is your goal for this season? How will you achieve it?

How were some of your mistakes? Were you surprised by your mistakes? If so, did you

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