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It’s all about you!

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned choreographer, dancing social dances is the perfect place to get some practice in. It’s a great way to learn other movements, and there’s nothing like watching your students get their kicks. You can even give them tips and tricks about the proper way to place the foot, or how to handle your partner. If you’re not a dancer, your staff will encourage your students to take their social dance lessons because it’s a fun way to make new friends, learn to dance with ease, and enjoy your time out on the town. Social dance classes are also a fantastic way to meet new people!

What activities will I learn?

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Learning and demonstrating the movements of all the types of social dances you are qualified to cover. From the classics to new dances from the current season. Whether you are starting out as a dancer or looking to build your skills, it all starts here. You will see new dances and people perform them, not only from a distance, but from a perfect angle. You will dance around the kitchen, in the club room, and in the living room to show off your skill to the world. Social dancers love to dance around and see new dancing situations happen, and you will enjoy the process with your clients as well. What’s more, you’ll work with a lot of new clients as they get in and out of the dance class.

What do I do in social dancing?

You will have the opportunity to see and learn from hundreds of dancers across America, from around the globe. Every social dance you learn will have some kind of live music, so you’ll never feel bored from getting up to the stage. You’ll also experience the joy of seeing new people dance.

What are some of the problems of social dancing?

Your staff will work with you to make sure you are safe, comfortable, and knowledgeable about the types and types of people you are dancing with. When social dancers are on the dance floor, they may not feel or look right, and you may be afraid of what is going to happen next. But social dancing is a great way to learn about other people, and it’s one of the best ways to discover and connect with new friends. You will also develop great friendships.

What can I expect from a social dance studio?

You are always welcome in our public and private social dance studios. We are always available for consultation, but please understand that our

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