What are the aspects of dance etiquette? – The Definition Of Social Dance

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This is a very important question. To learn a dance, we must try hard to avoid those things that should not be part of dance.

It is good to know these things so people can be aware of these things. They will give you more confidence to perform as well as teach you and help you grow!

Please, do not tell people the rules! If someone tells you the rules, then you should be able to go dance! If there are rules that you do not want to follow, then do them separately.

This is very important! You should follow them in your own way

The following things that you should not try to learn from other people are not necessary to learn. So when people start telling you about the “rules,” you get nervous and want to know what they mean. So if you meet a dance teacher and have no clue what to do, ask her what she does not tell you.

Do not tell other people that you know the rules if you do not want to know how to dance.

If you want to know what the rules are, ask people.

Do not say that you know the rules without explaining who they are.

Do not look around at other people while dancing, because the whole point is to discover your own dances and not talk about those that you know that you must not dance.

Do not ask people what they think is a good rule because you are looking for an answer to a rule.

Do not tell anyone what “the rules” are. If you do not want to follow them, then do them separately

Do not ask people what the rules mean without explaining the rule.

Do not call people who do not agree with you a “dance teacher,” because they are not dancing in accordance with your rules, and there is only one “dance teacher to rule them all.” We are all going to have different kinds of dance. And everyone should understand this.

No, there are no “rules” you are breaking. You have to work at it with your own body and your own sense of what is good and bad. You are dancing, not judging.

Do not tell other people not to dance

Do not tell other people, because they will not follow your rules and you will feel bad and want to change. We want to create an environment that is open, and we have to be willing to learn from each other in order for that to happen.

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