What are the aspects of dance etiquette? – Six Types Of Social Dances

-The fundamentals. If you’re dancing to a song, make sure you know what’s going on and the chords of the song. Don’t rely on lip-syncing when dancing to a song. When you’re dancing to a music video, the rules are different but that’s the first step.

-Do not take your audience for granted. There’s a reason people are sitting at the stage, and you can tell if anyone is standing. If your audience wants to walk up to you, or shout “Hey you!” they should do it and be treated like they have to. It’s okay to tell them not to. But don’t pretend like you’re some giant rockstar. You might see yourself in other movies. Don’t be afraid to take your audience’s cues.

-As you dance, be sure to keep your whole body tight in front of your partner. Don’t let your arms dip down, or your partner go up as you move. I have seen people bend their wrists back as they turn a corner. They don’t want to hurt their hands or make their partner’s life much harder.

-If you are in the middle of a song, don’t assume you know what the song is about. Everyone looks at you and says something. If there’s a problem, ask your partner and see if there needs to be a song break.

-Don’t assume that your song is going to be catchy and catchy is synonymous with success. If your partner needs a break from the music, let them, and stop dancing. But don’t dance around them. You’ll only make them think you’re having fun instead of getting help.

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