What are the 4 types of social dance? – Theatrical Dance

The dance movements are based upon the steps of an ancient dance, known as the Rave. This dance started in the 1960’s when the Rave Dance Society was formed in Detroit.

Rave Dance

The following dance is known as the Rave Dance. The Rave has two parts:

The Rave has 5 steps – the first 2 moves and the last moves. The first three parts are known as the ‘Tambourine’

and the last 2 moves are known as the ‘Tambourine’ The Rave is a traditional dance of the American West.

The Rave is a dance that has a rhythm. The dancer’s hands follow the dance floor like a dance floor.

The Rave dances are fun and enjoyable but do not make for good dancing.

Hip-Hop Dance

The Hip Hop Dance is similar to the Rave, but without the ‘Tambourine’. The Hip Hop Dance incorporates a mix of pop, jazz and soul styles and rhythms. It is a dance that can be danced by all ages, groups, and personalities.

Hip-Hop Dance

Hip Hop Dance has evolved to a very sophisticated form of dance which takes full advantage of popular music. This dance has become quite popular in contemporary music. Hip Hop dance is often performed with an instrumental backing track which is often used by electronic dance music production companies. It has evolved into a type of dance that can be performed all anywhere.

Hip Hop Dance – Hip Hop Style

Hip Hop Dance style is the dance style associated with the hip hop culture of the African American community. The hip hop style utilizes dance steps and rhythms that are reminiscent of dance floor rhythms. The dance can be performed by all types of people.

Hip Hop dance is the dance that incorporates modern dance moves, but without the “tambourine”.

Ladies Dance

The ladies dance is probably the most popular dance of all the dance forms listed here. It is a dance to create an atmosphere and create harmony through movement (moves) together. It is a dance of the West. You can create a sense of movement from the movements that you perform. This can be done with a twist, a sidestroke, and a move, which all bring balance and make you feel the same.

The ladies dance has the following components:


Ladies dance is also known as a

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