What are the 4 types of social dance? – Importance Of Social Dance

“It’s about getting on stage and trying to move and make sure there’s no one in front of you or behind you or behind you, but the more you do these types of dance movements the easier it is.”

She gives the example of the ‘Catch Me If You Can’ or ‘Chime-Chime,’ dance moves.

“What happens is sometimes when you’re in motion with it you’re going to have the other person in front of you.”
Modern Dance Class February 2012 (E-motion Style) - YouTube

“But sometimes you have to ‘chime’ back before you can catch them and that’s when a lot of people get frustrated.”

“That is part of the purpose of this dance so you could say that I’m going to try to avoid them in any way that I can while still getting the flow and moving.”

What are the main characteristics of dances that create tension?

“One of the characteristics is that you should be able to hold your balance in your hands.”

“And you also want to hold on to what your balance is, so if you’re going to take off or make another jump you have to get your hands in place to make sure that your hands are aligned.”

“When I do a move with the other side that has a longer time frame, because I try and hold on to my balance better that way you won’t get so upset.”

“There’s also the idea of a move where it doesn’t have the feeling of being completely rigid in terms of it being a moving thing, it’s not a rigid thing and they make a kind of movement.”

“I usually do a very low jump for example that’s also a very low movement, so if it’s really high or really low it doesn’t feel like an act.

“You also kind of need to have your hands locked down in the way where once you make that jump all of that movement that’s in your limbs is just a different way to move.”

Who does the dancing?

“I was always really influenced by dancers who went to school or had been in a school.”

“And also the dance I was into was R&B-type dance and so I would usually dress very differently to how any male would dress. There’s usually a lot of body hugging going on so that’s a good reminder to the boys as well.”

“As a girl I would be pretty skinny and a lot of times I would wear a lot of clothing

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