What are the 3 purposes of dance? – What Are Social Dances

The main purpose of dance is exercise. This is why they dance, because dancing promotes physical vigour and the ability to exercise. I think it is a great way to spend a day. You have an hour to kill but you can’t spend it exercising. You have to be out there in the street. Even if you are out there, it is not enough to get you out of the house, but you might just get through doing a little bit of jogging or some other exercise.

What is the first thing you should do on a first date?

I think the first thing we have to do on a date is say, ‘hello.’ If you say hello to anybody you meet in a bar and you’re walking down the street and you see someone, you can’t just stand there and talk about each other. If you do that you won’t get the chance to get to know each other. We have to get to know each other first before we can really understand each other. We are very comfortable going up to strangers and asking them about themselves. And if they don’t have anything to say, we are all in the same boat. People are in this weird position of they don’t have anything to say, and they are trying to sound serious so that people might believe them. But it comes across as if they have no idea what they want as far as talking about themselves. You can’t get a conversation unless you have a conversation with each other.

You have two options when you are sitting down with a person or you have a conversation and you find out your friend is having the most amazing time being a little different in every moment of it.

The first one is to just be normal. You don’t need to keep on repeating, ‘what are you looking at? What are you doing? Whaddya know? Who do you know? What do you like about yourself? What do you dislike about yourself?’ You know what is normal because you have no idea what that person is going through. The second is to get them to come with you. That’s what I like to do – I get my friends out on a date and I let them take it out on the guy that they want to take. I don’t let it be about what he likes about himself. I don’t want to take anything from them. I’m only here to see if I can just help them enjoy it a little bit more.
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