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There are 9 dance movements in our classes. The most popular is the Step Dance. In addition to getting your feet moving, the Step Dance teaches flexibility and stability. It’s like an aerobic ballet step. The Step Dance is also a dance that can be performed in the air or on the dance floor. It’s the perfect way to warm-up!

What are the benefits of the Step Dance?

The Step Dance provides you with a great, energetic workout that will take your dance experience to the next level. These benefits include:

Improved flexibility and stability because your body has a natural response to movement.

Improved breathing because you are moving through your body.

Improved coordination and balance.

Improved coordination and balance because you are using a balanced form of dance.

Increased energy because you are working at a low intensity.

Faster reflexes because you are using the hip-extension muscles during the Step Dance.

Increased breathing because you are using the inhale and exhale muscle groups.

What are the worst things about the Step Dance?

As it’s a dance, it will get tough! It’s a slow and steady walk through the dance floor. Your feet do not move quickly enough, you make quick movements, and you are not properly breathing. It’s best to move slowly to make sure you do not injure yourself.

Why would I want to do a Step Dance?

There are many benefits to a step dance:

You need to focus on your muscles as well as your feet.

You have to learn to move properly.

You can learn different moves over time.

You can add some fun to your daily dances.

You can learn to balance yourself when performing with a partner.

You can learn about the physics of movement.

Are Step Dances good for my kids?

No. Step Dances give you a workout that gets your body ready for other activities. But you can use them for your older kids to encourage them to join a sport.

Are Step Dances hard?

You don’t have to do them in a certain order—you can make them up as you go along and practice them whenever you feel ready. Step Dancing does not mean that you can’t be in the air!

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